Internet Marketing Glossary of Terms

Internet marketing has a language of itself. Below is a glossary of terms.

Above the Fold : With reference to the top part of a newspaper, the term is used in internet marketing to describe the top part of the page that the user can see without scrolling down.

Copy: The style of writing on a website. Good copy will be good for the visitor to read whilst persuading them to make a purchase or click on a link.

Copywriter: Someone who is paid to write content for a website.

CTA: Abbreviation for Content Targeted Advertising. It refers to the placement of relevant PPC ads on content pages for non-search engine websites. Google Adsense is the market leader in this area.

E-Zine: An information based electronic newsletter usually distributed on the internet ( usually via email ). As well as information the newsletter will contain promotional material.

Mailing List: Online a mailing list is an automatically distributed email message on a particular topic going to individuals. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list ( opt in / opt out ). The sales percentage made from a mailing list is much higher than direct from a website.

Opt in: To give permissions to a company to send you promotional emails or an E-Zine This process is usually performed from a website.

Opt out: To unsubscribe from a mailing list.

Pay Per Click: Where companies pay a fee depending on how often their add is 'clicked'. Google adwords are a good example of this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): See Search Engine Optimization

Signature file: A footer that is automatically added to outgoing emails. This can contain details of a website along with promotional messages.




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